TSPE Dallas Monthly Meeting

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May TSPE Dallas Meeting


Description of Presentation:

Why do some people respond positively, but others shoot you down? The answer lies in their perception; they hear different things from the same message. Mary will teach you how to engage prospects, colleagues, and management on their terms. By identifying and speaking to key personality characteristics, you can positively influence them and win more often, leading to greater success and happiness in your career.

About our Guest Speaker

With a full arsenal of experience and the strong ability to adapt to her audience, the Wealth Woman is confident in educating and motivating audiences on a variety of topics.

You have to eat anyway - why not earn a PDH?

Every month, the TSPE Dallas Chapter hosts a lunch meeting featuring presentations from leading industry experts. Network, earn a PDH, and get caught up on all the lastest issues related to engineering in DFW and the state of Texas.