TSPE Dallas Young Engineer of the Year Awards

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Kori McKenzie, EIT, CFM

2020 Young Engineer of the Year Recipient

The daughter of a United States Marine and an Irish immigrant, Kori McKenzie was the first in her family to pursue a college degree. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida in 2014, Kori relocated to Texas and has been proud to call Dallas home ever since.

In pursuit of her PE License, Kori has committed herself to upholding the mission of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers - to promote and enhance the profession and licensed practice of engineering. Since becoming a member of the Dallas Chapter, Kori has served on nearly every committee required to keep the chapter running smoothly. From volunteering at the registration table to chairing committees for the Board of Directors, she is the first to raise her hand when a task needs completing or there is coordination to be done.

Her early career centered around the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Flood Insurance Program; she developed hydraulic and hydrologic models in support of floodplain mapping for rural Texas watersheds. After several years of using computer software to model the world as it is, Kori developed a desire to change her surroundings through design. In her current role, Kori is applying her drainage expertise to federal site development projects at Jacobs, where she has a hand in shaping the function of United States military installations around the globe. Ultimately, Kori aspires to be an expert in site redevelopment and un-development; her goal is to repurpose developed sites, so they better serve the surrounding communities.

In the meantime, Kori is attempting to better her own community through volunteerism. Her favorite way to give back is to encourage elementary and middle school students to pursue careers in STEM. Kori has hosted several ‘Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day’ events and supports the National Youth Leadership Forum’s ‘Explore STEM Summer Program’ by volunteering as a panelist at the University of Texas Dallas installation. She has taken a special interest in encouraging young women to join the profession and is currently working to strengthen the partnership between Jacobs and Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas. By sharing her experiences as a woman in engineering and engaging the girls in fun engineering activities, Kori hopes to inspire the next generation of female engineers at Girls Inc. She also serves as the Communications Chair for the Friends of the Park Forest Library, where she creates and publishes a monthly newsletter to encourage involvement in and to raise additional funds for Dallas Public Library programming.”

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