TSPE Dallas Young Engineer of the Year Awards

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Matt Clark, PE

2018 Young Engineer of the Year Recipient

The TSPE Dallas Chapter Young Engineer of the Year, Matt Clark, PE, has more than a decade of engineering experience in the Dallas area. As a project manager, he leads a design group responsible for civil sites in Texas and across the country. He spends much of his time coordinating site work with owners, stakeholders and other consultants on projects ranging in size from 1 to 75 acres.

Getting his start with a summer internship, Matt has always been a civil engineering consultant and worked his way up from that intern position through passing the EIT and then the PE. He’s worked on projects of many sizes and types, including underground utility extensions, single family residential, small private commercial, large private commercial, municipal, secondary and higher education, and federal sites. He works with cities, states, DOTs and federal entities to secure necessary construction permits. He is also responsible for overseeing projects throughout construction and troubleshooting any issues that arise in the field.

Matt began his tenure with TSPE in 2012 by helping with the registration table at the monthly meetings and eventually became the registration committee chair. When a Board of Directors position opened, Matt moved from registration into the Chapter Director role. He currently coordinates with the registration committee and chairs the communications committee.

At their home in Carrollton, Matt and his wife, Angela, have their hands full with a six-month-old baby boy. Prior to the baby, they adopted two cats and then two dogs who all now endure the odd hours an infant keeps. Matt graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas.

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