TSPE Dallas Engineer of the Year Awards

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Nicholas C. Duane, PE

Nicholas C. Duane, PE

2022 Engineer of the Year

SMr. Duane joined BĀSA Resources, Inc. in May of 2005 with a unique combination of over 30 years of diverse reservoir and operations engineering experience. He has managed engineering projects throughout the United States and Canada as well as many international locations while working for Amoco Production Company, Santa Fe Minerals, Inc., Vintage Petroleum, Inc., Oryx Energy Company, and William M. Cobb & Associates.

Mr. Duane employs a reservoir engineering skill set which includes economic analysis, well test analysis, well log analysis, and other techniques to help define and exploit the full economic potential of oil and gas fields. He has demonstrated an ability to economically enhance recovery of oil from older producing fields by carefully describing the reservoir characteristics and using reservoir computer simulation to evaluate the improved effects of water, steam, and CO2 injection.

Mr. Duane graduated from the University of Missouri at Rolla with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 1974. He has been the Chairman of the Dallas Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the President of the Dallas Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. He is a registered professional engineer in Texas and a member of National Society of Professional Engineers, the Texas Society of Professional Engineers, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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